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          GeoManager is a program which allows you to manipulate data pertaining to both geocoins and geocaches. I created this program originally for my own uses but decided to make it available to others through a shareware arrangement. What that means is, a person can download the program and try it out. Starting October 19, 2006 the program is only available for evaluation for a period of 45 days. After that, if you want to use the program, you will need to send your $10 donation and receive a registration code or the program will no longer work. I tried very hard to not implement this restriction but it became very evident after 6 months of making the program available on the honor system where one could use the program with no restrictions that this arrangement was not working. This program was downloaded approximately 80 times during that period and I did not receive one donation! That is taking advantage of my generosity and so I had to change my policy. If you decide this is a program you want to use, send the donation and I will send you your unique code which you will enter into the program, thus 'unlocking' it so you can use it indefinitely. If you want to load the program on other computers, the code will work on them as well and if you lose your code, simply e-mail me with your personal info and I will send you the code again. Once you make your donation, you do not have to do so again.

          In the geocoins module, there are many fields for you to enter data about any particular coin. You can enter as much or as little data as you prefer. It is also possible to associate photos of the coins (front and back) with the data so that when you load data for a coin, the pictures are shown onscreen. There is a zoom feature where you can click on the photo and 3X blowup of the coin is shown so you can see more detail. Any data can be edited simply by selecting a coin and clicking the 'Edit' button. Also included are separate databases for a Wishlist so you can keep track of coins you want to get, a Trading List so you can keep track of those coins you are willing to trade, a Coins Ordered database to keep track of coins you have ordered but not received and a Planned Caches database to keep track of caches you plan to place.

          You should download the Install file if you have never used the program and are trying it for the first time. Once you have it installed, to obtain updated versions of the software, download the GeoManager.exe file and store it in the working directory. The new version will replace the older version and you will be able to use any new features which were added at no additional cost. Do not download the GeoManager.exe file unless you have already installed the program as it will not work as a stand-alone but must be installed using the installation files present in the compressed .zip file.

          In the GeoCaches module, you can enter data about any caches you have placed. You enter data in several different fields and add it to the database. If the cache you enter is a multi, you can also enter coordinate data for the final and intermediate legs as well as the initial location. The program is set up to format the coordinate data in the format of degrees and minutes. There is a bit of a trick in entering the data so it is recognized by the routine. You must enter the data as number only as DD[space]MM.MMM where DD is the degrees and MM.MMM is minutes in decimal form. When you hit 'tab' to move to the next field, your data is formatted in the format N/SDD[degrees]MM.MMM[minutes].

          I hope this program is of use to you and you enjoy using it. If you experience problems, let me know what they are so I can work on solving them. If you have a suggestion for a feature, let me know and I will evaluate it and if I believe it would be something that would be beneficial to the majority of the users and it is realistic to add to the program, I will work on that enhancement. I will also be adding enhancements and features to the program as I feel them to be warranted.

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